Selling a dental practice

There are a number of companies offering dental practice sales services, but how many of them are truly focused like us on maximising the value of a practice whilst guaranteeing the best deal for both buyer and seller and avoiding any conflict of interest?

With years of experience working in the dental sales market, Frank Taylor & Associates (FTA) is undoubtedly the UK’s leading dental sales agent.  With a strong, unrivalled track record in dental practice sales within the UK, FTA has a unique knowledge of the demand for practices in different geographical areas and, coupled with an extensive database of qualified potential purchasers, we use this knowledge to find the most suitable purchaser for a practice.  Our expert team understands the best ways in which the value of a practice can be maximised and how to manage the sales process through to successful completion.

There’s a lot to consider when selling a dental practice and experience has taught us that no two practices are the same.  This means that we will conduct a detailed evaluation for every practice we are selling to make sure we can get you the best possible sale price before making any recommendations.

All practices sold through FTA are launched to the open market (unless we are requested not to) and not just to a select few, as we believe this builds competitive pressure and achieves true market value prices. Our approach has very often allowed us to create extra value for our clients with one sale achieving £350,000 more!  It certainly takes more effort on our part, but the end result is more than worth it.

As part of our sales service we also offer the opportunity to film a 360° tour of your practice which will be used in all marketing activities for the sale of your practice to our registered members.  

A 360° tour is completely anonymised – we don’t share specific details of practices with our members so anyone viewing a 360° tour will not be able to identify your practice.  We firmly believe that potential buyers like to view the latest practices coming to the market from the comfort and convenience of their own home. It also means viewers are serious when they take the time to actually view a practice in person.

And we don’t stop there, we’ll also provide specialist tax planning advice to mitigate and minimise any resulting tax liability once your practice has been sold and can point you in the direction of our partner organisations for things such as obtaining your Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) – a legal requirement if you’re planning to go ahead with a sale regardless of whether the premises are freehold or leasehold.

Finally, we are very clear in our duty; you instruct us to sell your practice.  All practices sold with us are presented to the open market and we will only realise a commission fee once a sale is completed.  And, unlike our competitors, we do not accept a commission fee from a purchaser – to us that is a clear conflict of interest and often not in the best interest of you, the vendor.  

We also adhere to the Practice Sales Promise, a voluntary code of conduct that aims to set minimum standards within the dental sales market with the overall aim of making the process of buying/selling more straightforward and transparent. This is the key to our approach and the reason we have achieved such superb results when it comes to the sale of our clients’ practices over the years.

For more advice or to speak to a member of the specialist sales team, call 0330 088 1156 or email

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