Are you looking for innovative ways to gain more patients and put your practice on the map?Video marketing is the answer!

We firmly believe that the dental industry is about to experience a massive shift in the way it markets to patients. Gone are the over produced, stuffy and let’s be honest awkward videos that we’ve seen over the past few years. Videos are rapidly becoming more and more prominent in all forms of social media so it’s important that you include it in the marketing plans for your practice in order to show it in the best light possible and bring patients through the door.

Our expert media team will work with you and your team to produce high quality videos in 4K, from video testimonials, video shoots, explainer videos to event videos, all of which will showcase your practice and also show how personable and friendly you all are.  We believe in putting your amazing personality in the spotlight in a relatable and authentic way. From the principal to the receptionist, we want to make patients feel they know you, even before they set foot in your door. By giving you a steady stream of content to use over your social media you can be sure that you never suffer content fatigue and are always ready to engage with your patients.

We know that video marketing really does work and have even seen one of our clients receive a leading dental award thanks in part to the work we produced for them!

Our production suite is very high tech and perfect for creating videos to use on social media and by using the same production tools as leading international film makers in both the entertainment and business industry, we can be sure that your content is perfectly suited for the wide world of social media.

For more information call 0330 088 1158 and find out how we can help give your dental practice superpowers!

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