Wouldn’t it be nice to have a HR department for a fraction of the cost?

With Oracle, the employment & HR service offered by FTA Law, you can.

Employing people, whether self employed or an employee, is no longer a straightforward process.  There are legal and administrative duties, as well as endless rules and regulations that you need to adhere to.  Of course, these are all there to protect you, your practice and your employees, so it’s important you get things right – plus there are penalties should you get it wrong!

FTA Law offers an annual subscription service, Oracle, that provides sound practical advice and covers the employment and HR issues that you may face as a practice owner or manager.

With Oracle in place within your practice you can remain focused on the running of your business and be confident that the burden employment problems can inflict will be alleviated. 

The expert team provides you with a bespoke proactive service guiding you through the day to day issues. It can save time and costs and take this additional burden away from a busy practice owner or manager.

You can also take out an indemnity insurance which covers your legal fees and any out of court settlement or compensation order made by an Employment Tribunal should a claim be made by any employee or associate.

Don’t delay, call 0330 088 2275 or email employment@fta-law.com to find out more.

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